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Passover 5784 / 2024 Schedule

For Candle Lighting Times (Weekly) + Holidays & Calendar Events

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Passover Schedule

Sunday     April 21        Bedikat Hames after     8:26 PM

Monday April 22         Shahareet         6:45 AM
- Sium Mesekhet erubim  7:30 AM and seudah        
- Bet Din for Mikherat Hames 7:40 AM
- Last time to eat Hames     10:14 AM
- Burn the Hames         11:34 AM

Minha 7:00 PM
- Candle lighting 7:24 PM
- First Seder


First Seder
Tuesday April 23        First day of Passover    
- Shahareeet     9:15 AM
- Minha         7:15 PM
- Candle lighting     8:28 PM


Second Seder

Wednesday     April 24        Second day of Passover
- Shahareet     9:15 AM
- Minha         7:00 PM
- Habdala    8:30 PM

Thursday     April 25    Shahareet hol hamoed    6:45 AM
Friday         April 26     Shahareet Hol hamoed     6:45 AM
- Candle lighting        7:29 pm

Shabbat April 27        Shahareet     9:15 AM
- Minha         7:00 PM
- Habdala     8:33 PM

Sunday    April 28         Shahareet Hol Hamoed 8:00 AM
- Minha/Candles lighting for 7th day 7:31 PM

Monday     April 29            7th day of Passover
- Shahareet 9:15 AM
- Minha        7:15 PM
- Candle lighting     8:36 PM


Tuesday    April 30     8th day of Passover Hod hayom
- Shahareet      9:15 AM
- Minha             7:15 PM
- Habdala         8:37 PM



For more on Passover (Laws - Customs) Scroll Down 

Candle Lighting Times (Shabbat & Yom Tov) -

Apr 5  7:06 8:08
Apr 12  7:14 8:16
Apr 19  7:21 8:16
Apr 22  7:24 ------
Apr 23  8:28 8:30
Apr 26  7:29 8:33
Apr 28  7:31 -----
Apr 29  8:36 8:37


May 3  7:36 8:42
May 10  7:43 8:50
May 17  7:50 8:58
May 24  7:57 9:05
May 31  8:02 9:12



Kehilat Tehilim

The Kehilat Tehilim will meet (on average) Shabbat afternoons at Magen David (late afternoon) for study on Tehilim followed by brief Gamara study. Contact us for exact times.

More about Passover . . . 

Some of the Laws - Customs of Passover

Laws for koshering the kitchen for Passover
According to the ruling of Rishon Le Zion Ovadia Yosef zz”l



Libun Gamur – burning with fire until sparks come out of the utensil
Hagala – immersion in boiling water that is on the fire. A pot which has not been used for 24 hours is employed. Bring the water to a boil. Completely immerse the utensil(s) and allow the water to come to a boil again. Leave in the water for only 30 seconds. Rinse in cold water. Some heat a stone prior to putting the utensils in and once the utensils have been placed into the pot, the stone is immediately placed into the pot as well. This brings the water to an immediate boil and assumes that pleta goes into the stone preventing reabsorption into the utensil.
Iruy kli rishon – pouring boiling water on the utensil or surface. Counters and laminated tables would require this.

Soaking in water
Simple cleaning
K’ bolo, kakh polto – as it is used, so is the methodology for koshering.
In all cases, the object must be cleaned and then left for 24 hours without use.


Regular oven – set on highest usage for 2 hours. If one has placed hames directly on the racks, they need to be replaced for Passover
Self-cleaning oven – clean and use this setting.


Microwave - clean thoroughly. Place a cup of water with bleach or cleaning fluid. Turn on to produce steam (about 20 minutes) and then wipe

clean. The glass tray need only to be wipe clean.

Gas stove top – clean thoroughly under the tray where edible hames may be unnoticed. Elements and burners should be immersed in boiling water. Boiling water should be poured on the surface. 

Electric stove top – should be cleaned and allowed to burn for 20 minutes.

Dishwasher – clean thoroughly for all hames. Leave for 24 hours. Turn on the dishwasher without dishes and hot water only cycle. Plastic racks are shrouded in controversy as to whether they can be koshered.

Clayware and porcelain cannot be koshered.
According to Haham Ovadia Yosef – glass, pyrex, duralex does not need to be koshered as no cooking takes place in these and there is no absorption. They simply need to be wiped clean. Others hold that they need to be soaked for three days, changing the water every 24 hours.
Simply wiping clean:


Refrigerator and its trays
Garbage cans
Hot water urn

Plastic utensil – This area is of greatest debate. Rabbi Moshe Feinstein zz”l declares that plastic utensils cannot be kashered for Passover. However, Haham Ovadia Yosef zz”l, Haham Mordehai Eliyahu zz”l, Haham Haim David HaLevi zz”l hold that plastic utensils without grooves can be koshered by hagala.

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