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Rav M. Mitchell Serels

Since 1983, Magen David has been managed under the spiritual guidance of Rabbi Dr. Mitchell Serels. With a background in Sephardic Studies at Yeshiva University for 26 years, in addition to Psychology & Ethics at Berkley College  for over 23 years, Rav Serels brings strong, professional experience, support, & direction to the people of Magen David and neighboring communities.

Guidance & Position

Rav Serels serves many aspects for our Sephardic Community. In addition to direction and advice for  our members during Shabbat, Chagim, and all other days of the year, Rav Serels assists those beyond the walls of our Sephardic Synagogue.

  • He volunteers as head of the Westchester Chevra Kadisha

  • He runs a Mishna study group

  • He runs a Bible & Breakfast study group

  • He runs a weekly Shiur

  • He lectures on Sephardic History, going beyond the books he has written and edited, with powerful lessons for those within and outside of the Sephardic community 

  • He also is the Chair of Humanities and Ethics at Berkley College

To have a Sephardic congregation, it helps having a Rav who understands both halacha and human nature. Combining his scores of years teaching Orthodox Judaism, Sephardic culture, customs, as well as Psychology, ethics, and morality, Magen David has a special place for Rav Serels.

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