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Israel Under Attack: How you can help

In response to the atrocities committed by Hamas, we are recommending you support the Friends of IDF.
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In 1984, there were a few Sephardic Synagogues in New York City and Long Island. However, when Sephardic Jews would search for Sephardic Synagogues north of Manhattan, there were none to be found.


It made good sense to offer the Jews in Westchester a place to keep their Sephardic traditions. A place with a connection to the orient in a Bet Knesset that caters to their melodies, their customs, and their tastes.     


Fast Forward to the present, Magen David is a special place to pray, celebrate holidays, learn, and enjoy a melting pot of traditions. Whether you are Sephardic or just want to participate, our small Bet Knesset in this community is one you will enjoy once you visit!


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