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Our Schedule + NEWS & EVENTS

Candle Lighting Times (Weekly) + Holidays & Calendar Events

For 2023 [ 5783 ]  (until Rosh Hashana 5784) 

May 5      7:37   8:43
May 12    7:45   8:51
May 19    7:51   8:59

May 25    7:57 Shabuot
May 26    7:58    9:07
Jun 2       8:03    9:13
Jun 9       8:08    9:10
Jun 16     8:11    9:21
Jun 23     8:13    9:23
Jun 30     8:13    9:22

Shabuot 5783 / 2023 

The following is our holiday schedule:


Thursday May 25 Candle lighting 7:57 PM
Tikkun Leil Shabuot 11:00 PM


Friday May 26 Shahareet 9:15 AM
Minha 7:00 PM
First half of Book of Ruth
Azharot –Positive Commandments
Candle lighting for Shabbat 7:58 PM

Shabbat May 27 Shahareet 9:15 AM
Minha 7:15 PM
Second half of Book of Ruth
Azharot – Negative Commandments
Arbit/habdala 9:15 PM

Customs of Shabuot

Reading of the Ketuba de la Ley – the marriage certificate of Jewish People and the Torah with Heaven and Earth as witnesses. This document is read on the first day when taking out the Torah. (Thank you to Zion Nefesh and Abshalom Levy for the new edition of our traditional ketuba).

Recitation of the Book of Ruth, which is based upon her acceptance of the Torah. The consequence is Ruth was the ancestor of King David, whose descendants ruled the Jewish People. King David was born and died on Shabuot. He is also the progenitor of the Mashiah.

Our custom is to recite the first half on the first day after Minha.  The second half is recited on the second day after Minha. The holiday begins upon the total completion of 49 full days of the Omer. Consequently, Shabuot is the 50th day. 

We study the Tiqun Leil Shabuot as a means of starting the study of the Torah which was revealed on Shabuot. We do not learn random topics of Torah. We read from the Koryeh Mo’ed. 

There are various customs relating to eating dairy on Shabuot. Our customs is to eat one dairy meal and one meat meal each day. Cheese cake is not a Sephardic custom but nothing prohibits eating it. The Azharot is a poetic version of the 613 commandments. The poetry follows the form of Arabic poetry – AAAb, CCCb, DDDb, etc. We recite the positive ones (the shorter list) on the first day, after Minha. The negative commandments also in poetry form is recited on the second day after Minha.


Kehilat Tehilim

Please note: The Kehilat Tehilim meet on average Shabbat afternoons at Magen David (late afternoon) for study on Tehilim followed by brief Gamara study. Contact us for exact times.

NEWS @ Magen David

During Rosh Chodesh (after Pessah last year) some fruit trees were donated to our Synagogue. They were planted just in time to make the blessing on blossoming fruit trees for the Spring @ Magen David. When you come by, take a look out back to see how nice they are doing. B"H they will be growing fruit in no time!

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